Our Topics for 2016-17

Each of our topics last for half a term and during each half-term there are at least three mini topics linked to the overall topic.  We work hard to develop strong links across all the subject areas.


Early Years

Winter Wonderland

Fantastic Fairy Tales

Marvellous Minibeasts

Amazing Animals

Terrific Travelling




Key stage one

Light and Dark

Nurturing Nurses

Festivals and Celebrations

Materials - Habitats

An Island Home

Who was Jesus - Noah's Ark


Dinosaurs - history and geography


Weather - Materials

Travel a long time ago


Plants Local Area
Visiting a Church  


Key stage two

The Iron Man

Stonehenge  Invaders and settlers

Characteristics of materials

What is faith and what difference does it make?


Food and farming

Teeth and Eating

What is the importance of food in festivals

Planet Earth

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Rocks and Soil

What are the similarities and differences between the world's major religions?

Make some noise

Raiders (Vikings)


What are rules and why are they important?


Tudors (local history)

North America

Circuits and conductors

What journeys do people in religious communities go on?

Our Village

Improving Rocester regions of Uk and eight point of compass

Helping plants grow well

What are the landmarks in life?


Letters showing summer topics