The children really enjoy their ICT lessons, using a range of software and hardware in their topic lessons.

Here are some examples of their work in audio-visual studies.


Click to open the video of our Croxden Abbey trip!

Year 3 Croxden Abbey video



The children used a range of skills to complete the videos; including selecting and retrieving pictures from our server, selecting and downloading music and then editing it all together - all this, and only 7 years old.

When the children looked at their work they decided that next time they would like to edit the camera text to engage and inform the viewer.



Children from our year 2 class (Blackbirds) had a wonderful morning being coached by the year 3 and 4 (Eagles) pupils on how to produce their very own animations!

Armed with web cameras, a laptop and a story board of the action the children made a great job of their first animations - next stop Pixar studios!

Click the link below to download the files to view their work.

Click to download the animation!
Click to download the animation!
Click link to open the animation!    


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